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Parenting On Purpose

December 24, 2010

When it comes to redeeming my purpose, being a dad is one of my favorite roles. This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago for my son, Philip.

On your 13th birthday

Prayers have been prayed for you, Philip;

Heartfelt prayers since before you were born.

I remember the day and the

Long, long night that preceded your birth.

Indeed, you were in no hurry to leave the

Privileged warmth of your mother’s womb.


Just the opposite today – you cannot wait to be

Off to play with your friends. You used to ask, “Can you be

Happy with me now?”

Now you look to others for affirmation. But all

Sons long for the Father’s face to shine upon them, myself included.

Only toddlers ask out loud.

Now you’re thirteen; perhaps that longing has submerged into the subconscious.


Perhaps not so much. After all, you are

Only thirteen. Only

Thirteen? You have officially passed

The halfway point between child and man! All too soon you will

Enter the real world, independent, on your own. Please, Philip, always

Remember, never forget: I love you. I am happy…with you.

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